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The AVGA project - open source AVR based color video game development platform for single chip game console.

This platform enables you to code a color, high resolution, smooth video game, like Super Mario Bros or Commander Keen on a mega AVR. All video processing is done by software in background using interrupts, with no external active components. You only need to connect the AVR to a RGB monitor. It is designed to occupy very little flash and to return the CPU to main program whenever it is just possible. Everything can be customized to meet your project needs.

"The AVGA instantly turns any Mega AVR to a powerful game console."

Clipping demo, ATMega168 @ 25 MHz
VGA 112x112x4bpp

Super Mario clone, ATMega168 @ 20 MHz
PAL 192x144x4bpp

Recent news

  • 12.15.2013 I never leave my projects. Seriously :-) See RetroWiz!
  • 03.24.2009 Installed new phpBB powered forum
  • 03.22.2009 released v0.22 with predefined VGA timings

Main features (v0.22)

  • No external active components
  • Interrupt driven
  • 5 cycle pixel period
  • 4 bits per pixel
  • Overlay utility (sprite engine)
  • Extended screen mapping
  • Smooth four-way scrolling
  • Video standard independent (VGA, PAL, NTSC ...)
  • Extremely high time and memory efficiency
  • Resolution up to 320x240
  • No special XTAL required
  • No need for overclocking
  • Part unspecific (any Mega AVR)
  • Highly customizable
  • Open source (GNU/GPL)